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Concept art for Matthan


Matthan is a children's series where a young girl named Grace leads a double life and travels from 1700s England and Ireland to a supernatural far-away world named Matthan.

Books and feature films. Songs and sound. Fun bad guys. Great friends. A young boy who is the rightful prince. Grace uses the power she's been given to take back the kingdom with supernatural power.

The first book is Grace's backstory. A recent orphan, Grace is thrust to an orphanage. She knows she's on a mission, in this, her first assignment from God. There, she befriends children, saves them from losing their farm, and solves a murder. 

Successful in her assignment, Grace then returns to her village at eighteen. Her first night there, she is whisked to a supernatural world. This is MATTHAN. An animated place where Grace battles above and below the ocean. She discovers how to use the word of God as power, and restore a fallen kingdom.  A lobster and a starfish are her sidekicks and she discovers a boy who is the rightful prince.

Her assignment completed on Matthan, Grace finds herself back and embarks conflict with great 1700's Ireland and England John Wesley revival. She becomes a powerful force in God's advancing kingdom, and learns to go back and forth between the two worlds.


Each story is power packed with song, fun, sweeping adventures and harrowing escapes for Grace and the young prince Jeshua.  

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