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The Red Bike is a heavenly journey for whoever rides. A boy receives the bike and says a special prayer that seals the destiny for every rider. A special place of encounters and discovery makes this a story worth the heart of anyone who soars


A fairy tale, a teen angst story, a mystical bicycle, the battle of two trees. The Parable series cleverly shares stories of hope, restoration, and the supernatural that brings faith to those who encounter these works.  

A boy receives a bike



rides it

will go places


heaven can provide.

little book 

to make you

consider where 

to look. 

The Ladder is a book and a screenplay. Shared titles but  different stories. The book shares what to leave behind. The screenplay is a romantic drama teen coming of age story. Happy endings all around. 

Ned's Garden is a wonder of a story. 

Illustration is underway. Book has been written. Screenplay forthcoming.

A desitny awaits 

to determine 

if a princess 



a princess

as she follows

The Magnificent Box. 

The Magnificent Box is a fairy tale parable of a princess, a King, and a cake maker. A three day journey with all the right ingredients.

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