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Much these days can cause us to leave the peace and enter into tragic worry. But Jesus wants us to find faith - and learn of God’s ways through Him. Again, this morning I heard that one Word. Rest.

We we can all find excuses not to. But God know what’s ahead, and wants us to live empowered and at our fullest.

As we recharge, we don’t lose our position - the territory we’ve already taken, but can enter the rhythms that God lives in, God loves in, and wants us to share the fullness of.

We push away and take notice of the beautiful discovery that God wants us to see and encounter Him - in first person - so He has an opportunity to talk and share what He’s doing in our lives.

This is getting our oil.

So, rest as He leads you and discover the pattern for life He wants you resting in. That’s what I’m doing this extravagent Monday. What about you?

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