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Break free!

Landlocked on the third coast of Nashville, I ventured with family this past weekend to the beach.

Say it. Say it! BEACH!!! As a young teen, the ocean was a place - my favorite place - where I’d experience God encounters because I had no parents in the picture really. Yet, I had taken Jesus but was severely lost. Still, I would paddle out on my surfboard and pray thanking God for what He made. This past weekend, reaching the greens and aquas, resting at the end of what was manmade and encountering the immense of what God made, it was as if more pieces of me restored. Our overnight digs were humble. But the trip was all I yearned for. Relaxed. Easy Food. Ocean. Boogie boarding. The salt water. White sand. Sunshine. Laughter. I returned from the coast tired (we drove it). But now those colors immerse my canvas as summer carries me like a friend.


Where do you meet God in your life? Jesus came that we might have life and life more abundantly. Sometimes, the warfare can be so heavy - yet, if we persevere through to the other side, the Lord sends these sweet and refreshing times. Are your sweet times at the beach? The mountains? Where do you go to refresh your soul? It’s essential. Fill up and then, pour out again.

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