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Ears To Hear 7-19-22

We are walking in strategic times. You are about to see and hear revelation as you have never heard before. It will line up with the Word of God, so be prepared to discern between the real and the imposters.

God has been so specific with me about our ability to discern. We have to not allow the enemy to get us off on side roads and dead end streets. These are fancy advertisements the enemy will use to get us self absorbed rather than Kingdom directed. Everything - and I mean everything - must direct us to Jesus. He must be the center and that is what is going to be your compass in these weeks, days, hours, and moments ahead. If we are not building the Kingdom of the Lord where He is our focus then we are probably off.

This is where the enemy made his mistake. He was the gifted worship leader. He oversaw many angels. But his honor wasn’t on God. He determined it was his efforts that made the difference. He was not equipping. He was undermining. And it led to his eviction from a very high position. It led to 1/3 of heaven falling with him.

So much to learn from his mistake. He did not make God the center of his joy. He did not align with the moments of splendor just knowing his Maker.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). By spending time listening to the Word and to those who share the Gospel, we find and keep centered with Jesus at the center of our lives. If our focus goes off, we can lose our oil and be left on the outskirts of paradise where we can be picked off by the wolves.

Listening also allows God to use us. My day today was very directed. I heard that still small Voice suggest where I was to eat, then, where to go after. I went to a store I frequent. There, in Gabe’s, I looked at dresses. Soon, a young man appeared before me. This fellow, Max, is studying to become an electrical engineer. As I asked him questions, the Spirit of prophecy opened and flowed. My words edified and ignited his direction. The Lord poured out lifelong words over how his life would unfold. God cares about Max and wants to set his direction. This is what the prophetic does. The words of Jesus that strike the air can bond a path like cement to seal a direction.

It was a great joy to be used like this. Edification. Exhortation. Comfort.

By my hearing the Lord, and obeying the quiet words and tugs on my spirit, I was able to help someone. This is the purpose and plan of the prophetic.

It shows up like a compass, a map, and even a sign so that prayer can direct and establish a direction, or it can thwart what the enemy is attempting to bring. The possibilities are endless of what the Lord can and will do.

Our listening to Scripture and anointed speakers of God’s truth will help us all clearly be able to follow and discern what’s ahead.

This power God uses is a remarkable aspect of living a Kingdom life. Each part of the five-fold ministry is remarkable when we use Kingdom eyes to look and Kingdom ears to discern.

Be blessed my friends! Tell others about this post and make sure Jesus Christ our Messiah is the center of all you are following!

Your Sister, Dana

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