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Fill yourself up...then, help others...

LOVE to write...and paint...and share life with you.

What has your journey been like? Mine has been filled with good...but also some really caustic painful stuff. If I can just get up that mountain, where I'm abiding in Christ then, I can feel the peace, the rest, that no matter what is swirling around me, there He is. This weekend, while in worship He was there in a vision I had.

Are the times getting more severe? You bet they are. And it seriously - yes, absolutely - feels like we are entering into the fulfillment of the times of the 10 Virgins - and we have to make sure to get our oil. Others come and want to steal what oil we do have - and so, there's a fight to maintain. On a plane that is descending, you put on your own mask for air before you place it on your loved ones. Why? You might pass out! Then, you are no help to anybody.

As I have been facing really junky stuff - I'll share with you - but eventually, there will be some ideas for how to make it in these interesting times when lots of people will get saved and the days of Noah attempt to rise and drown us.

Last week, I couldn't get any writing in. None. It was truly frustrating. I finally melted on Thursday when my car emissions test failed, and even after spending almost $500 for repairs at the dealer, it failed again. I heard two things. One was from the emissions test people. Suggestion was to drive about 60 miles. Then, another came that I should drive down a certain highway. That was a quiet voice. The Holy Spirit. Not sure why I was supposed to go down that specific highway. So, I did both. I had to pay another fee - but it finally passed. This was only one of the five or six problems I was facing - and about three of those problems were pretty big ones. But the clock was ticking for my registration to be renewed. So, the pressure was on.

After I had my meltdown of some tears and crying out to God for help - He sure did. I felt the peace when I had surrendered to my situation. Friday rolled around and I was dedicated to the six things on my list. There was help and I began to pray strongly - with confidence in that prayer closet that's called my car. Something in the air changed. Something in the atmosphere had heard my cries and I felt a peace toward all the problems. I shouted in my decrees and felt the Lord all over it. I went those 60 miles of driving - in the early Friday morning. I chose some country roads I hadn't been down in a while, and went down that highway to Arrington, TN which is a lovely area. There's a vineyard there and I've had a picnic lunch on those hillsides in times past. Then, I went again to the emissions check location and this time I passed - and registration was swift and easy. Onto the other problems...five more on the list. Two are pretty big.

Now I've rolled around to Monday. More on the list gets knocked off. But I printed words. What it feels inside is like I'VE PRINTED SOME WRITING! At least I got to PRINT SOMETHING instead of deal with all this other junk. Tomorrow we work on those words. And even though my computer decided to high jack the double sided printing - printing it upside down - I am committed to keep going and get some writing in this week. GET SOME LIFE IN!

Even though my list involves the IRS and a water heater going out - and some scary looking water damage that they have to open up to see how much was there... Even though I had to call the insurance and get them to move forward after the estimate..even though...even though...

I'm on the other side. God broke through of me and all this stuff will get resolved too..but here I am WRITING. TO YOU. THIS BLOG. I'LL BE WORKING ON THE OTHER STUFF TOO...but I'm determined to put my mask on and get some air. SOME SPIRITUAL AIR. SOME CREATIVE AIR. I've been commanded to occupy until Jesus comes.

Occupation means taking territory. It means living. It means laughing and enjoying and eating and dancing. It means smiling at the people - whoever God places in front of you. It means trying to love my enemies and being nice no matter what I'm facing.

This is the TEST. We all fail and fall short but we get back up and keep going. We melt at times -and fill our pain and tears to heaven - and we GET OUR OIL.

We get perspective - and press into the Word and drink it up and keep drinking the words of heaven in our Bibles until we are recharged. We seek the patterns God has set for us. A day of rest. A body of believers.

We pass by the junk. Mine was the guy who quoted one price and added $80 more to the bill when I got there, the guy who flippantly said that I always have a story to tell, and the one who blasted me because I wanted to do the right thing, and the kid who tried to help, and the ones who use me and never say thank you. I will walk past all that and chase Jesus and cry out - "Can I get some oil? Please fill the tank to full so that I can do this."

I remember one time the Holy Spirit explaining to me that this place was just a test. This life is a test. Get your oil. Help others. Cry out if you need to. Laugh as much as you can without it being at the expense of others. And LOVE. Love, love, love.

Now...onto a phone call to care about someone else...Then, to lunch and writing...Be blessed...

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