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Finding your heart in creativity

When I couldn’t fix the impossibles in my life, I ventured down the mountain and discovered hope. Yes, it was inside my Bible but it was also in my choices. I found my heart in creativity. Art. Stories.

The attacks I faced were almost insurmountable. Some hit me. Some hit people I loved. A storm of unstoppable waves came crashing down.

Has this His happened in your life?

Well, an important key was not blaming God. I didn’t try to. I had times where I cried out and He allowed me to walk through. I watched as members of my family were swept out to sea.

This was where I found John the Baptist and Job teach us important lessons about what God wants out of us. Jesus told John - when he was in prison, that the Kingdom was moving forward. It was advancing. John had questioned if Jesus was the Messiah because his personal situation wasn’t being delivered. Job went through devastating circumstances and didn’t curse God and die, and forgave his friends who didn’t understand the trial that was allowed in his life. Job received double in the end.

All of us want life and life more abundantly. Heaven here on earth. But I remember the Lord’s gentle voice saying this place is a test. So, in my tests I discovered the joy of writing, the passion of painting, the intimacy of creating with God that held my heart and hope together.

I am am so thankful for forgiveness from God. These years I have been far from perfect but there He is, to inspire, to carry me, and to be the words that help me create.

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