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More is Coming

How you respond to the title - this statement of More is Coming - will give you an idea of where you are. Did you react with concern and fear? These are awfully interesting times we are living in. Or did you say, wow! I can’t wait for what you are going to do? That’s the approach and reality The Lord would like you to have. This is a big, serious time in Him. Have you felt the shift? The shift of all the events in the earth change and re-conform to God’s ways.

Today - the date on the world‘s calendar - has significant meaning. Today is the 1st completion of the vision to see perfectly. The date - Seven - the number of completion - the 1st day - we are in the new - and the year 2020 - the ability to see perfectly. We are literally onto something new. It starts today.


I had a visitation from the Lord this morning. I’ve been seeing a lot recently. Visions have been opening so I can see what God’s doing.


“Where have we been?“ You might ask.


The global is coming down now. Everything is at the high level. Don’t get swept into the world’s ways. Teach to come out. Not stay in but leverage to come out of the world‘s obstructions. This is what I am teaching them. “Take a good look. Where are you at?” To them. Say this to them.


The awakening cracks open like an egg. The birth comes down. You saw it when the Pastors marched. It opens. Shamp leads. He is the next big big revivalist. The meetings will puff. They will explode. I am now bringing the new down, Denise (my birth name -it means worshiper). It will wake the body. It will glisten and prepare them for the increase I now hold. Creative miracles. And doors - this is the season of doors, miraculous doors open now.


I am opening places. Do not obstruct what I Am doing. The world will not understand this. They won’t understand I have all things. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, Savior of the whole earth, I the Lord do this thing now.


It comes. It overwhelms. I will gauge it. I will assess how much I give, bring open. These doors are real. Passages into the unseen dimensions. I the Lord will open them. Many will go through. Many will not believe it. But I now open the new reality I Am going to shift the world into. The embarkments. They come down. They open.


Blessings, dear ones. There’s more He shared and I will unpack understandings I received of this revelation in days ahead.

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