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Passage Prophetic Word Dana Peters-Colley January 17, 2022

Get ready the passage is steep. Get accelerated. This down will come in great heaping sweeps. I the Lord do this now as it’s getting the House ready for my arrival. Yes. Political. Get ready for the swing of my sickle will hit as hard as is necessary to redeem the mad ones from their positions. I own the earth. Stop and take a moment to understand what I am telling you. The earth is the Lord’s. Yes. It is, Denise. Oh prophet. I am getting it all ready now. Each step. You heard that. You have been listening. You don’t follow the strange but follow where I the Lord am directing. There are seasoned prophets. Men. They fight and are fierce. They are wreaking havoc in the Spirit right now. There is so much slicing going on because they are blading up the efforts and thwarting what the enemy has started. The enemy started this fight but I the Lord will finish it. He has provoked heaven now. So, it gives Me, the Lord the ability to wield and take back and stand and start. I remove. That’s what I’m doing. It has to get so bad. It has to. In order to shift it and take it down. That’s what I’m doing. I’m taking down darkness as it revels in front of the cameras. You have been hidden. You have had some words and people begin to follow. But then, you hide because you don’t want My glory not to be seen. Stand down. Stand down America. You will see shaking as never before. You will see it disappear. The hour comes and it will swing so hard, it will seem like it has been delivered into the hands of the enemy. But I come and release it back. I will not allow it to fall unless I the Lord call for it to be finished. The enemy thinks he can trick you, America. He thinks he has you but then, I come, and I begin to reveal My plan says the Lord. That is what you are seeing, Denise. One “N”. Like I put it on you. Oh, you have been a prodigal at times. I have always brought you back. You have been a rebellious house. You have been a misunderstood one, America. But I the Lord take you in My arms and say, “I will hold the House and I will come and break the bondages. Get ready O America. Get ready to stand and to write and to wield and to see. I will do this thing. I will get you ready as you have never been this prepared. You have never been outside My call. I’m going to dance with your children. I’m going to embrace and embolden. I am going to glitter and glorify. It will not be long. It will be what I do and see for I am the Lord God Almighty. I have you. Now go.”

My explanation and understanding of the Word from the Lord.

After seven days of illness, I was instructed to get my computer out and begin writing. So, I obeyed.

1) The Passage is steep. (This is a very meaty word. It’s metaphorical and needs prayer and discernment to unpack it).

2) Get Accelerated. (This is a new word the Lord is going to use now. GET ACCELERATED. This means events will happen so swiftly you must greatly press in, in order to appreciate them.)

3) The Lord spoke about Congress. He shared what He is doing with Congress. (Watch and see what God does with the House. Keep your eyes on it).

4) Redeem the mad ones from their positions. (Notice. He said redeem. He did not say destroy. He did not say devour. He said redeem. Will God begin to win back their devoured minds? Will He bring salvation in to sweep them back to Him? Notice He says He will redeem their positions. Will the positions be restored to righteous ones? We will see.)

5) Wield. Take Back. Stand. And Start. This is the sequence of affairs. This is the method the Lord will use to do what He’s going to do now. This is with Congress.

6) He used me as a metaphor for the nation – prodigal, which I was. I even changed my name from my given name and added an extra “n” to it. Denise became Dennise. I also shifted to using my nickname, when I found out my mother wanted to name me Dana. With our nation, they are trying to change the name – the direction. They are trying to lighten it up. They are adding letters, words that have no meaning whatsoever. The Congress. But the Lord has had enough.

7) The Lord is using the words of the Prophets to slice into things. They are cutting up the plans of the enemy. When words are being spoken over America. Over the United States. When they attempt to change the Constitution, God is not mocked and is using these words of these great Prophets, men and women, to annihilate the plans. They are spoken and then, they are cancelled. Each time the enemy says something, the Prophets laugh and speak back. When prophetic words have the anointing within them, they strike back and place into motion what the prophet says. True prophecy is the spirit of Jesus and when He speaks, the earth listens.

8) Shaking as never before. But God has this. It may seem like the nation is going to explode. It’s shaking now. Shaking. This will not stop. In fact, it will increase.

9) Stand down America. This means God has this.

10) Stand. Write. Wield. And See. This is what we as believers are called to do with this hour. We have the authority. We stand on what is right. We write what we believe and know is the Spirit of Truth. We wield our authority properly. Under God’s authority. We see what God has in mind. Not what man has intended but what God has shown us.

11) Embrace. Embolden. Glitter. And Glorify. This is what God is doing with our nation and with our children in this hour. He has this. He has us. This is what He is doing. We embrace LOVE and the GOSPEL. We are emboldened in this hour to MAKE DISCIPLES in ALL THE EARTH. This is for everyone. Glitter. We will shine as we do this. Signs and Wonders will increase the whole earth as it swirls into Kingdom life. Glorify the King. Jesus. Yeshua. Our Messiah who stands at the right hand of the Father petitioning on our behalf. He gets the GLORY.

12) I have you. Now go. – God has us, folks. We are watching the greatest times on earth as the wrecking ball arrives to destroy what is evil and bring back our children to righteousness. Whether we are in heaven or here, if we are the Lord’s, He has us. Get as many into the Kingdom now as you can. “Tell them about Me,” says the Lord. “Tell them, I’m coming!” Now go.

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