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Prophecy and Psalm 24 Part Three -For Every Strike

Dana Peters-Colley gives a global and national word regarding Israel and the U.S. she also teaches the third part of the Bible study on Psalm 24.

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Speak 4-9-2024

The first mention in Scripture sets precedents for what to first consider on any word. Dana begins with the word speak - and wants you to speak it - so you can bring power in your life.

Now & Big Prophecy 4-2-2024

The Lord is doing things now and it's big. The Lord God Almighty has big things now that are playing out.

God & The Wind - 3-26-24

What does The Lord do in the wind? Are you facing wind in your life? This teaching will help you.

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What a powerful word!! Pressing into the LORD. Love psalm 2 and 24.

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