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Rest and Reunion as God Does This Thing

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

What a year this 2020! And today we wrap into the last month on the Gregorian calendar. December 1st. It begins. But let’s recap with what I’ve been shown this year. In early March, I traveled to Florida and had the Lord share ‘women would frazzle‘ and I saw where truckers would save us. They kept us fed, and women learned how to tend children as the nation shut down. 🌿 A few months later. I saw a large white cruise ship. It was turned on its side. That’s us. The body of believers here on the earth. Sums up this year. A time to hold onto our Messiah with all we have. The coronavirus. Like the plague it has passed over. One and a half million have been swept into the eternal. Many also have left through the despair. 🌿 Jesus is the answer. He‘s it. We must hold onto Him and no other. Man will fail you but God won’t.

🌿 Prayers for evangelism, discipleship and love urgent petitions to heaven. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done. There’s no plague in heaven. So we stand against what has been done.

🌿 The election. I received the word ‘landslide’ before we voted. Then election fraud. The software rigged. The enemy comes like a flood but God raises up a standard. And prayer - thank God for men like Dutch Sheets - going to states to intercede. We have called out and heaven hears us. The biggest shift is coming. I heard the word ‘fight’. We war with our prayers. We go and stand and pray. God told too many of His servants the prophets what He was doing - it‘s coming. We learn to war. We watch and see our Mighty God move this.

🌿 God is teaching us some things.

We are being refined. We are also learning to war. To believe. To have faith when it looks hopeless. But it’s not. Watch the blast. Something big is coming. The blast will rend the heavens and shred the enemy as God comes down. I don’t know what this is, but it’s a move so large it will literally tare space and time in its coming. Watch the heavens. 🌿 Today - December 1 - I saw California Gov. Newsom in a small boat and it got flipped over. He’s on his way out. Watch. He‘ll be gone because I was shown. The flip will be big. Public.

🌿 America is being prepared. The righteous are rising up. The next generation of warriors are arising. They are willing to fight for the destiny of America. People are being activated into places of power now. They want to fight for America and aren’t willing to let her go down. 🌿 Some agencies are being pushed down. They are being replaced. New is getting her position. The enemy has been set up by God and he’s confused into thinking it’s his. But it’s not. God has this and because of the attack, many are being humbled. New rules, new protections, and leaders will fall now, says the Lord. I get them to the fire and they go in - but they will burn under My glory, says God. You will watch as the enemy’s plans will crumble. The media - its power will disintegrate. I Am commanding the army generals over this nation to stand down and back as I ready to blow what the enemy has planned to be devoured by My strength, says the Lord. 🌿

Get ready. Be strong. Be resilient. Do not fear what man can do. Fear what God can do. Now go.


To clarify - the agencies - these are federal agencies. The buildings may stand but their power is being shifted around and removed. God has strategies to realign and reassign to do His will in the earth. Remember, prayers and petitions go up to Him. He hears, sees and operates from a place of All Knowing. 🌿

Our job? Repent. Rest and Reunite with the Almighty. This is urgent. It’s an assignment. Find the harvest in your soul so God can find you in the important historical days ahead.

Blessings, Dana Peters-Colley

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