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Welcome back to the words the Lord allows me to share with you my loved friends. For me, there’s been a lot of warfare. I don’t know how anybody gets by without prayer. Prayer in this last month protected like a shield of fire! Have you ever faced a situation - so extreme your bed rings the night with tears? You heave sobs as it seems the enemy shreds those you love. You cry. You moan. Despair. Then, God begins to move. You sense that Jesus peace inside. How does He have you when it’s this intense? That PEACE!!! It comes back to you like a lover in your arms. You can endure. You can keep going! You separate from the sharp teeth. You separate from the jaws of what the enemy wants to do. You find and cling to Jesus.

Well, this has been my month of May. The sifting now. The strikes. But God. The only answer. Him. Everything will fade away. Jesus will not leave. He won’t forsake. He will carry you and place you in His loving arms. He sees you. Let’s remember Jesus! He’s coming soon - for the Bride without spot or blemish. Now, if you want to watch a few minutes as we build this friendship, click the link.

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