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Spiritual Wisdom - Esther, Do you need a better day?

Do you have expectations of yourself? Fantasize that others have it all figured out? I know I do. I create this fantasy life and I’ve had others attempt to put me inside it because they want to believe it, too. It’s as though the enemy stands at the open door of a large metal cage. If he can just get me to step inside, if he can get me in there, then he can trap me.

You see, that cage is the world. It’s an enemy to God and His ways but it tries everything to convince you otherwise. The world attempts for you to wear a mask. It wants us to project the unreal. What the world defines is perfect. Be completely perfect. Don’t be yourself. Don’t relax and enjoy the way you are made, the way you are shaped.

But what does God say?

He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. He designed you - your likes and dislikes, your shape and smile. He made you for the destiny He designed you for.

He wants you to discover who you truly are. His creation. You are already made perfectly and don’t listen to the enemy. Don’t enter the cage.

Be the Esther. A queen. With a purpose and destiny. The child of God. The one who Christ makes free in Him. To enjoy and discover the freedom we have to step into all that God wants us to be. Christ gives us permission to truly be ourselves. We are a forest of beauty, diverse and filled with shimmering light. All different. All at different heights and depending on our definition, we are here to fulfill a destiny for such a time as this.

So, Esther, get over the way you think you are supposed to be, and just be. And Esther, go have a really good day.

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