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The Country & The Dream Prophecy for the United States

Dream 03-30-2020 Dana Peters-Colley John, my husband, and I were downtown in his truck. We were going downtown. I was coming along for the ride. Suddenly on our right - a giant towering former Congress building was lifted and turned in the sky, held by a crane. I felt the enormity of its size way up overhead. People below were like ants. As it was lifted and the frame was placed in its new place, men, ant-sized men, jumped up and helped pull it down to the new foundation and helped put it in place. Many worked to do this enormous undertaking. America was moving to a new place. It had the original framework but was being put in a new place. Then the antlike men scrambled up and put it all together. People, masses of people, watched. By now I had jumped out of the truck and was there watching. I was surrounded by several women, strong in faith. Words of encouragement and prophecy abounded.

End of dream.

Years ago, I spent a week studying the world bank, the Illuminati, the Rothchilds. The world bank was set up to bail out Europe after WWII. It provided loans to rebuild. Later, it twisted into a form of slavery for third world countries and global domination. For every two dollars they borrowed, they could only afford to repay one dollar. So the bank owned their decisions. World domination from one group.

I felt despair at this discovery. I felt great sadness and mourned for several days.

Then, the Lord God Almighty spoke to me. He said, “Do you not think I Am bigger than the Illuminati?”

Did God know? Yes. He used it and now crumbles it. He is much greater than any man or group of men. He is greater than our fears, but set up one prophet to search it out and then, He answered.

We are in the midst of a great turning.

He spoke to me before the Presidential election - around 2015 - as I drove through vast countryside of South Carolina and Georgia two things. “Nationalism is coming.” And “Farmer Leaders.”

So, the framework of America is left in tact and is being moved to a new location. Many men will build it.

You are watching history play out In the greatest, sweeping way.

Blessings abound if you are in Christ.

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