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The Future of America

Dana Peters-Colley 04-24-2020

As I entered rest today, the Lord visited and began to share His plan over the United States. With this first wave, the Coronavirus, He didn’t send it but He is using it. There will be more waves - storms, catastrophies, clashes, embarkments -these are all going to strike like waves into our nation and into our world. They are opportunities to build - our families, our arks. We can enter into greater through them.


We - as a nation - have been like a spinning top. We swirl so fast, we don’t see what’s around us. This latest pandemic causes a brief stop. It has heroes. It has a global agenda being struck down. It may have succeeded if we didn’t stop it.


But the the biggest thing is this - how you respond each time the wave hits will better prepare you for the next strike. Get in your position. If you take this time to see - to feel - what the Lord is bringing into your life, you will be better prepared. I am seeing life savers. Are you ready to throw yours into the ocean to rescue others? Their lives may depend on how you respond.


Next, He said, “There is one greater than Trump coming.” I saw where God is sending a man behind Trump. This man will be strong and powerful, mighty, to take down what has come against the Lord in the earth. He will not take no. He will not stand down and will not stand back. The fierceness of this man in the earth will recognize blasphemy of God and will bring an alignment of the nations as never before. Get ready. This will be big when it happens. “The whole earth will shift in response to what I now bring,” says the Lord.


There is something connected to the axis with this. Lands will move down and up. “The shift will remove and replace assignments as I get all the earth ready to receive Me.”

For two or more years, I have been seeing the United States as an ark. The walls have been going up. The turmoil has been increasing. Clean up has been strong and fierce. The killing of the innocent must stop. The strong must bring the House in order (this is Congress). Each piece is being placed. Everything that seems like it will destroy us is actually being used to bring everything into order. “This ark. This nation. It is mine,” says the Lord. “I will ignite harvest with flames of repentance. Tears will flood the streets. A new America will rise up. They will know Me,” says the Lord. “They will be purged of the darkness and I will use them mightily in the earth.”

“Get ready. It will come. And I send a man to follow Trump with resounding firmness so that my children can stand once again in purity and holiness. Behold, you will see it come in your days.”

“And the rivers - the era of righteousness - will flow once again. America. I have not foresaken you. Now stand.”

End of the Word from the Lord

Blessings, dear believers. As I sat on my porch, enjoying the Presence this morning, He opened what is being established. The man is coming. Behind Trump. The ark is being built. We are to throw life savers to those we see. America will be restored into righteousness. The dross will perish. The promise is upon us. Visitations of the Lord’s Presence will increase. Get the Bride ready.

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