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The Red Bike...

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Years ago, this story came to me. A boy receives a bike. It takes him on a special journey. I wrote the words down. I wrote a screenplay using the story and added a deeper message of forgiveness and restoration. Then, the urge to paint arrived like a special friend I didn't expect . I'm not professionally trained as an artist. Two classes. It didn't matter. I began to draw and paint. Acrylic. Then, with some later images, illustrations, and put it inside my computer to finish. This book is ready for your enjoyment. I've been offered one publishing deal, but have held back, seeking the right home.

As a side note to the process, I designed two covers, and wasn't sure which one I should go with. Prayed about it and was urged to take it to my writer's group. They picked this cover. Fourteen people selected this one. Only three or four went for the other one. A little help from my friends.

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