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The Secret Place

He that dwells in the secret place under the shadow of the Almighty. It’s Psalm 91. I have been dwelling there. Have you? Have you heard the whispers of a God - let me be clear - The only God - for yourself? Let‘s be clear. There is only one God. And He cares about you - yes, you.

I began times entering into this place in 1999. He took me and separated me. I tended my family but my days were remote and became even more when a year later, we moved to a place a thirty minute drive to any sort of civilization that resembled my familiar. For fourteen years, I was in that place. I found my secret place with the Lord God Almighty.

A year ago, the pause button was pushed. And the entire world stopped. None of us thought it could ever happen. I sure didn’t. But our remarkable God, our jealous God (Exodus 34:14) allowed this.

I recently heard another voice who the Lord shared the change with back in 2018. Nevel Johnson described the change from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age. We have literally moved into this.

Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. He is preparing the body and shaking off what is not and does not look like Him. So, we’ve had a year to look at ourselves. We’ve had a year where everything that could be shaken is being shaken. I have had some visitations that brought me personally understanding, revelation and wisdom for where I am, where we are, and what’s ahead.

Stand up. Step out. And go. You are released into the assignments God has for you. Now. They come as never before. There will be shaking in the earth. We are the Bride being prepared to meet our King, our Husband, our Lord. We have been selected for this.

If you feel doubt or trepidation, then, go to the Secret place and stay there until the Lord meets you with His deliverance. Go and rest there. Listen to spiritual, soothing music. Pray. And hand over - yes, give up all your cares. You have to ask Him to take them. Release them into His hands. Ask Him to drive and you be the passenger. As you travel with Him leading, driving and directing your life, you are called to look out the window. Picture fields of golden wheat. Picture trees that you pass on a country road. Or a vast blue green ocean. Thank Him for the pieces of creation you enjoy. Thankfulness draws Him. It attracts Him. And He will visit you with calm and peace, no matter your storm.

Let go and release it, friend. He will find you in the Secret place and share His mysteries with you. He‘ll explain if you listen and quiet your soul. Become the soil He can plant in.

Blessings this Monday in March 2021. March 8th. Eight is the number of new beginnings. That fits, doesn’t it?

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