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Triple Vision Dream

Today is 03-20-2020.

Trinity and triple 20 - a day of triple vision for the world (note: it’s not the Gregorian calendar)

I received a dream -and direction on how to pray.

The dream -I was making a presentation. I had to do one. I had paper and what I had was written down. I stood before Trump and several others to make my speech. But my info. was wrong. It was crossed out on my paper. I told him I wasn’t ready. Had to fix the report. I went back to figure it out. But Trump was following me. I climbed stairs but they were rickety -made of twigs or bamboo. Pieces broke on the hand rail as I climbed. I left to cross a bridge. It was a rope or bamboo bridge - across a water place, maybe a still water place. Trump was focused on fixing the hand rail. I had great focus on getting the information right.

Interpretation came as I wrote it down. The Lord said to pray.

Trump’s focus was on things not urgent at the moment. The rail. Pray his focus is clear and on what God wants him to do.

Pray the effort to provide wrong information is thwarted. No wrong information given to the President in Jesus Name.

Pray his focus is fixing the important things now.

The information is from Asia. The bamboo and bridge. A foreign source needs to cross and bring back the correct accurate information.

Thanks for praying. Dana Peters Colley

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