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Dana Peters-Colley loves stories, writing screenplays and books. She holds a B.A. in journalism, was a Copley scholarship winner, and was honored by the Golden Key Honor Society. She pursued screenwriting at the U.C.L.A. extension program, and studied under the best professors who were expert Hollywood storytellers. 

Dana was at Walt Disney Imagineering for five-and-a-half years, and then, at Disney Interactive for another two-and-a-half. At Imagineering, she moved into Creative  Leadership, and oversaw the creative division's design of Euro Disneyland (renamed Disneyland Paris). There, the team developed more artwork than the renaissance, and much work came back to California where Dana was stationed. Europe didn't have the unique talent needed. Dana oversaw much of these efforts, and assisted in two lands. Then, Dana moved into overall park leadership for the Creative Division. She stayed an additional two-and-a-half years to add more attractions for the park to reach 90,000 daily capacity. 

Next, Dana moved to Disney Interactive and worked on educational entertainment projects. She was hired in production, and helped create Winnie the Pooh Animated Storybook, Hunchback of Notre Dame Animated Storybook, Toy Story Screensavers, Pocahontas Screensavers, and Aladdin Math Quest, where the city of Agrabah was designed in 3D - a new medium at the time.  On this project, talent Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, and Dan Castaneda were featured. A bumpy ending caused Dana to resign, in the midst of a drastic cuts for the entire division. However, Dana loved Disney and never regretted her more than eight years there. At that time, she turned down a return to Imagineering. 

This was the shift for Dana Peters-Colley to write. She pursued U.C.L.A.'s extension program in screenwriting. Then, after a year and a half, she relocated to Nashville. There, her spiritual side ignited. She fell in love with Jesus and devoured God's word as never before. The prophetic gift emerged, a love for prayer ignited.

Additionally, Dana felt inspired to work on two short films, as screenwriter, and co-writer, director on another.  She penned numerous parable stories, and screenplays; and waited and wondered what the outcome would be. She created, created and created. 

She also began to write inspirational books, serve in her church, and later volunteered

under a ministry that trained prophetic ministers. She did this for three-and-a-half years. She was ordained in prophetic ministry, and wherever she is, loves to build up and encourage people.

After more time, Dana started illustrating the parable and fiction books she'd written.

She had no plan to do this, and little formal training. However, she began to paint and

illustrate with marvelous results.  The work, every part and piece of these inspiring 

stories, fit together for young and old alike.  Short stories. chapter books.

screenplays. illustrations. artwork. Quite an undertaking. Not easy. Rewarding. The 

beauty of salvation, the importance of family, the thrill of adventure, the love of 

characters who care.

Dana hails from California but has made Nashville her home for about twenty years. . There, she writes and creates many projects for the family and the faith-based markets. 


Now, entering the phase of release, it's exciting to wonder how far these projects will go. That's where you come in. Please read. Enjoy. Watch. Share. It was meant to bless you. 

Dana Peters-Colley

One of God's chosen. 

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