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When it comes to famous, Jesus showed us how. He didn't go promoting himself. He sought everything the Father said and everything the Father did. He surrendered. He gave over His will. He received a dangerous assignment that eventually took His life. Fortunate for us, He stands at the right hand of the Father, and petitions on our behalf. Romans 8:34. He is alive! He is the Lord of all. This power, given to Him by His Father, God. We must remember this way of following always because high places like fame can wipe us out if we aren't careful. And God knows what's best for us.

Jesus made Himself of no reputation. Philippians 2:7-9

Yet, His Name is known far and wide.

This week, in my hometown of Nashville, NRB sounds its trumpet. People who work big and small, are rich and poor, arrive to share their Christian efforts in the media. In my heart, I yearn to be there, and I may visit one group for ice cream for just two hours.

As I stare at where I want to be making a difference in the Kingdom of God, surrender is the word on my lips. Jesus knows where I am. He sees my efforts. And my job is to lay down my life to help in a horrific situation where I've seen God surround me in a level of peace you can't find anywhere else. The details won't be shared as love covers a multitude of sins. I will tell you my heart has been shattered. My family has been shredded. I get up each day and search for Jesus to help me through.

One last thing. God is so fantastic. With all this going on, as I made my way two states away not knowing what the outcome would be, the Lord spoke to me. He wanted to tell me something national. In the middle of my severe situation, I felt in a place I journeyed God's presence. He said He was shriveling some women in political power. Then, he showed me a net He built through the efforts of the truckers that travel across America. These gruff and hard-working men were building a net to keep the U.S. going. They did the work and covered the nation. They didn't mind the assaulting words of a President that told it like it was. Or reacted from his emotions and lacked the polish politicians have used. God just wanted me to know He was well at work for our nation.

I felt a little like John the Baptist, not in his stature or position, but in hearing the good news in spite of the hell swirling in my world.

As I continue to petition the Lord to deal with these troubles that are beyond overwhelming, I will share a message of the Kingdom rolling forward. I will believe God's got my situation. I will hold onto the hope I have in Christ no matter what assails. And jokingly, I may not have a million followers but when we follow Jesus we can rest that He'll show us what He wants us to do.

And If one or two read this, and can pray for my situation, I would be forever grateful.

The painting here is by the artist Carl Heinrich Bloch, painted in 1881. It should be public domain.

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The Bride without spot or blemish...


I have thought about the Bride of Christ, His chosen ones, as what the Lord is returning for.

But then He opened my eyes to the fact it’s much more. The Bride is also the land. Israel is the Bride of Christ, too. When Jesus returns she will be ready to receive her King. The land will welcome Him.

There are proposals now now to place a spot on her. I saw it and even if it comes down, God will lift it off. It was a stain on a wedding dress and will not be there when He returns. Each piece of the garment is sewn together. Each part begins to move, to be covered, to dance before her Bridegroom.

Piece by piece, we ready ourselves to witness and see how He takes the needle and attaches piece after piece of the land.

If the proposal from President Trump is completed, then the stain will be placed in one location rather than spread out. It will be removed, all at once, later. God gathers it to do this thing -so Israel can be given more of her pieces. For the Lord comes for a Bride without spot or blemish -and so when Jesus comes perfection will greet Him. It‘s a beautiful thing.

Pray for Israel and God’s perfect will. He will accomplish what He wants and we have the privilege of seeing it and being part of what He does.

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In this social media world, how much do we share with one another? Some people let all their laundry air while others prefer for you to only see a bit of the good times. All of it causes us to breeze past one another on the super highway of momentary connection. It’s here to stay unless a CME destroys the grid. (A CME produces a magnetic shockwave from the sun). CMEs have occurred, but let’s face it, social media is the “now normal”.

So, what category are you? Air everything, air some things good, some bad, or only positive airings?


I definitely fall into the positive posts category. And here’s why:

First, I don’t think it’s wise to share all of my emotions with everybody. I have met people who - because of seeing someone’s posts I know - have drawn conclusions and decided they knew that person closely, as if they were their new confidant. They used it on me. In public. It was creepy. Had the tone of stalking. People on social media get glimpses of us but don’t live with us. Watch what you share because you never know how someone will use your info. Discretion will preserve thee, Understanding will keep you. Proverbs 2:11.


Second, Okay - you want connection, friends, advice and yes, the Bible states there’s wisdom in seeking counsel. So post if you want people to help you pick a pretty picture. But if you are going through some intense struggles, find people who have gone through what you are going through. A few select people. Get to a hotline or seek professional help. Seek one or two people not the whole world. Don’t air your personal life out there. People begin to judge you, and talk about you. Your junk becomes your reality rather than something you are walking through. Always put your best foot forward.


Third, treat social media as your window to help people think...Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8

I guess I take the Apostle Paul’s advice on social media. It can be used for truth - to move righteous forward, but also what’s good and lovely. In these times we all need that.

What are your thoughts?

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