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Dream - The Gray Horse, the Pearl, and the Governor


Yesterday, I melted. Won't go into the details, but my circumstances are so beyond belief they would floor you. I will say though there's a lot of beautiful, too and I work every day to discover what God has for me. Today, I am able to sit on a marvelous front porch and the birds have decided chirping is going to be a vibrant symphony. It's as though the birds have been paid double to remind us it's Spring. It helps me forget this is week three of my official stay at home. The birds have no clue and it's a sign to focus on what's beautiful in the air, rather than what is attempting to destroy. Soon, this horrific will be over. They will find a cure. There will be a vaccine. So, the clear blue sky and the birds keep the focus that life will come around.

Last night the Lord sent me another dream. Have to tell you, I love the dream life God gives me. He speaks a lot through my dreams. I've had times where I literally had to return into my here - because I was literally - there. So many journeys. So many revelations.

So, here we go. This dream was personal. I won't go through the whole dream but will give you some pieces. Our Governor Bill Lee was part owner in a business, and was in the dream, doing manual labor to keep things running. It was a farming supply business. He picked up slabs of rocks and flung them to get things in order. Most of the farming supply business was in order. In the dream, I also heard the words about taking care of our parents. I also heard about being a pearl. I'll go into these two pieces of my dream at the end and begin with the horse.

The horse was a spectacular gray steed being ridden by a teen or a young woman. She rode past me, heading in another direction. First, dapple-gray horses are my favorite and I've never owned one but have spoken of my love for them many times. The breed of this horse - it seemed like it was a draft-mixed quarter horse. These breeds are known for their strength, good solid minds, and endurance. Someone was riding it - a young woman or girl. She didn't stand out in any way, normal jeans and shirt, long blondish hair. She headed the other direction from me and passed.

Then, I was at the farming supply business. I stood before many decals at the entrance door, but noticed the Lee logo. I suddenly knew her family owned the bulk of the farming supply business but Bill Lee was part owner in it. He was working hard throwing the large rocks or slate pieces to get things done. The business had an open door.

Later, the young woman on the dapple-gray horse returned with another girl on the back, and at that point, the horse was in a full sweat, but still going strong. The women on the horse returned and went on ahead of me down a paved street. I was walking. There were other people but I couldn't make them out.

Dream done - so let's look at this. In Scripture, a horse represents going to war. There are two descriptions outside this. Once, when Elijah was taken on a chariot and it led by horses of fire (2 Kings 2:11) and another Scripture where the prophet Isaiah states horses are not to be used to grind grain (Isaiah 28:28). Otherwise, horses are described in the Bible to carry out warfare. My dream didn't have horses in the air, and they were not on fire. There was no grain. So, I will assume God was showing me the warfare we face. The color literally deals with the gray areas of our lives - and the work it takes to deal with this in our lives is going to increase in the hours ahead. That last sentence was just prophetic, but this fact has been all over the news in the U.S. today.

So, today might be the best day to unplug from the chaos surrounding our world and create a place of peace to allow the Holy Spirit full access to our lives. But it's also a time to evaluate our culture and look at things. Draw near to God. See Jesus in our circumstances.

Back to the dream and what it showed me. Two things:

Taking care of our parents. In the dream, I spoke to the Governor about taking care of our parents. He commented back to me about how I knew so much. I guess I was being a bit authoritative in my tone. We, as a culture, have lost our compass in this area. In my own life, I was given executorship over my dad and in 2012 he died from complications when he broke his neck. My mom also died in 2012 from Alzheimer's and my sister and one of my brothers oversaw her final year with kind caretaking. With my dad, I flew out to California frequently while my teenage kids attended a high school tutorial as I homeschooled them. My dad received salvation close to his death. I helped with the last three days of my mom's life, giving her the morphine drip to ease her pain, but to be honest, my sister and brother did most of the care. I state this to show I've got some experience in taking care of aging parents. And no matter what, God views kindly on us to care for them, no matter what they've done. Since everything is a seed, we have to look at what we as a culture will do with our aging parents in these years we have.

The last component of my dream is about the Pearl. I believe this was God's reply to me personally about what this time is to be. Each of us has been told to stay home. There are some, the grocery store workers and the medical staff, the truckers and the many heroes who are frontline, working to preserve our needs. God bless all of them. They sacrifice much. The rest of us are asked to only do essential trips and stay home. We have an opportunity to become something: The Pearl.

Natural pearls are formed when usually a parasite finds its way into an oyster, clam, or mussel. In response, a fluid is created to combat the invader. This fluid continues to cover and eventually forms into the pearl.

Think about that! The response to how we are being attacked can become something quite beautiful. After my meltdown yesterday, today, this dream and word spoke deeply to me. My job is to react with covering. It doesn't mean I have to be destroyed or harmed by the choices of others. But if love and kindness pour out of me, it will form a white covering, a pearl. It doesn't mean the attacker has the right to destroy me or put me at grave risk. It means I can use prayer and kind words to cover an attack. Scripture also gives the advice of not giving what is holy to the dogs, and neither cast your pearls before swine lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you (Matthew 7:6). The navigation of dealing with an attack is part of learning how to follow Christ and use wisdom as we navigate the circumstances placed before us.

In Scripture, we are told the entrance to each of the twelve gates of heaven is made of a single pearl. This would define each of the twelve tribes and what a beautiful thing it is to become the pearl. It is at the entrance of heaven. The color of a pearl is white. When Jesus was transfigured in Matthew 17:2, "His face shone like the sun and His clothes became as white as the light." If you take the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue and combine them in equal measure, they form white light. If you looked at this symbolically, then, Jesus would signify red, the Holy Spirit yellow, and God would be blue. When the three combine in equal measure, it creates the color of the pearl, white, which is symbolic of purity and holiness. The pearl needs no polishing or cutting by man. God has created it through nature. This God created treasure opens the door to our entry into heaven.

So, as you think about your home, the mussel or the oyster, and you respond to the attack that attempts to enter, bring the covering of prayer, words of Scripture, and God's love. You, too, will create the pearl.


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