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Isn‘t it amazing, in our society of so many words flying at us every day. We are bombarded with information and key words can get lost in the mix.

I want to unpack a word for you.

It came out in my last blog post, a word from the Lord about America. I heard it from the Lord as the prophetic passed through me, but I didn’t clearly take the word in.

Yet, the Word came back into my mind.

The word?


Its definition is spectacular.

It‘s the process of loading passengers onto a ship. Or military personnel onto a vessel. It also can be when a group is placed into an airplane.

To embark means to do what embarkment states, but it also means to begin something new that might have difficulty or a journey with it that takes more.

The Lord showed me we are in the midst of things coming - that they will be like waves. I don’t know the amount of time between each wave of what comes. Or if the waves of what occurs will happen simultaneously. But the concept of embarkment as the last word spoken to me in a prophetic utterance, I found exciting.

If we we are going through a series of embarkments, then we are being taken somewhere.

Jesus stated it would be like the days of Noah when He returned. Matthew 24:37

And it all happened up to the day Noah entered the ark. What happened? People ate and drank - and did life as usual.

Up to the day...

Are we in the time now? UP TO THE DAY? Are we coming closer and closer?

The embarkments -

Are they opportunities for us to enter into a place with the Lord?

Something to consider. The entire world stopped from its normal. A time to stop and spend time considering what is truly important.

The embarkments - as we head toward our Savior‘s return. The ark God has us enter into - to embark a whole new reality with Him.

Blessings all around.

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