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Fifth part of the revelation from 5/7/2021



Today is the final unpacking of the revelation I received on 5/7/2021. There’s a lot more teaching the Lord will share through me, but for now, this is what we have been given eyes to see.

I hope you have remembered the way God instructed for us to now focus.

First, receive revelation. The wisdom and understanding God shares with us.

Second, ascension. The place we go to abide in Christ and not be shaken with all God is doing now.

Third, condemnation – the removal of enemy authorities.

WE must be where God has us as this transpires. It’s critical.

Yes, the seals are readying to be opened. Yes, we must be listening and reading and studying to make ourselves approved. Read your Bible! Get in there and keep going. Assemble with the believers. The true ones that seek Him. And prepare as all of what Jesus has will be reigned down upon the earth. Yes, reigned. It is the authority, Kingdom authority that comes with all of the seven things in Revelation 5:12.

This is the last post on this, but I will teach more as the Lord reveals to me what He wants to share with you.

The earth is shifting. People are being redistributed all around the globe. This shift is bigger than the shift from the tower of Babel (Genesis 11) because it involves a lot more people.

Now, we move to the WHERE.

God showed me where He stood and set down the first box.


Yes, Israel the apple of God’s eye. Israel, His nation when He returns to rule there. He is setting His feet there and His first box, the gift will be set first in Israel. When it comes – outwardly – you will see great chaos and confusion. It’s going to shake everything. Right now, they can’t even form a government because there’s so much power in what is coming down. It’s changing all the order. When they do form a government, watch out. It is going to release all things. We will shift and move into a time like no other.

Next, I saw another place. The Lord said, “Up.” Then, He said, “Greece.”

So, whatever is happening, the second place God sets His feet down is going to be Greece. And He will set the box down there. I truly do not know what this means, or why it is happening this way. As I receive only what the Lord shares with me. We prophesy in part. I only reveal what I see, or hear, or understand. The Lord sees, He hears, and He understands it all.

Then, I heard, “Up” a second time. But I have no idea where it is. I asked but heard no specific.

What I do know is that with each box being set down, it will change and shake all things there. I mean all things. Here’s what He specifically said to me. I am now going to write all the words I heard Him say, except parts that are about a specific prophet and others that have no bearing on the release of this word.

I am now going to share with you – what I heard – as the Lord spoke this. It will give you more understanding.

5/7/2021 word from the Lord – Dana Peters-Colley

Revelation – understanding and wisdom come

Ascension – this triggers the assault. The only way to navigate this is to remain higher.

Condemnation – of enemy authorities.

Many are getting wiped out right now. You have been interceding – and asking why. The body has been shaking, hiding, wondering. I haven’t been saying much. I’ve been allowing this disruption in the earth. I’ve been watching you see Me, the Lord. My feet in the earth – when you see this, you understand. Peace where I Am there is. The peace you find in Me.

Big comes down. I bring it and set it on the earth. They have been waiting – trembling, many of my sheep are afraid. I see them. I watch as they run, thing to thing. But there are some – not afraid – doing what is needed in this hour.

As you saw, a big box is coming to the earth. A gift. The release. One by one these boxes will first come down. They will be placed. One by one. I set them down. People will feel them – the heaviness will change the atmosphere. The news will react. They will have all sorts of reasons – but they will be wrong. But the density of the earth will feel this thing I bring. It will feel, this thing I bring. It will have a place, a location, where it’s the most dense. People will drive to see it. But they won’t know what it is. They will just feel it.

Then, when I open it – watch out. The release will take a direction. It will swarm villages. It will shift the atmosphere into motion. Chaos will come with it – but it doesn’t come with it, it comes in reaction to it. This fierce power descends. It’s in a box. Life forms will respond. The atmosphere will respond. I will do this thing as I the Lord walk the earth. Each region will shake – from My feet. But stay in the rest, near Me. My feet should keep you in peace. My presence.

This shift in the earth, it will cause more people to come toward Me. Their receptors will feel Me, sense Me, hunger for My ways. I strike down what is not Me and I bring order with each footstep I take.

Chaos is replaced with Biblical Order. To Israel first. That is My home, says the Lord, where I will reside when I return. The order is Israel. Then, up. I need to establish it this way. Greece. Then, up again. Up. Not yet will I describe it. But it’s coming.

Each continent will receive. But when it reaches the Gentile Nations, the ones that do not profess My Name, that is when I release greater in order to secure their position at My table. Some will deny Me, says the Lord. That is what this wind- this release that I the Lord bring – that is when it brings its wrath.

It goes fast because I’m coming soon. (The Lord said ‘SEALS’ when I asked for Spiritual confirmation about what this is. So, I opened my Bible and went to Revelation 5:12 and He showed me the passage:

Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.

That’s what coming inside (what God is setting down, the box, the gift), what I now bring. Now go.


So, this is where we are now, Saints. This is what is going on in this new era, this BIG. We are being given all seven things to be ready as the seals are being readied to be opened. (Please also recognize, I do not have any kind of specific timeline for when God will open the seals. To God, one day is as a thousand years – so his timing for soon might not be what we think soon can mean. All of it brings a Holy fear and a crying out for salvation and for the prodigals to return to the truth of Jesus Christ.


Dana Peters-Colley

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