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MORE! Revelation - Ascension - Condemnation (4 of 5)

Updated: Jun 2, 2021



Hello everyone. I pray you have been well, and taking the time to consider these words.

To share a little about me, I have been prepared for this since 1999 when the Lord reached in and changed my life. I had a crossing over, a change from my former life into the one I have now. It began with much revelation, an audible Voice for the first six months, a constant reading of Scripture, as God prepared me for this assignment. It’s why I’m on the earth. I have surrendered to follow and share what I receive in order to build the end time assigned body of believers. These believers are going to see and experience more of heaven than any generation.

Do you want to be one of these believers?

Are you on an assignment, too?

We have all been chosen, been created at this time and in this experience to bring heaven to earth. That is our assignment – remember the prayer? Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Well, as we shift now into a new world, a changed world to accomplish what God has for us to do, our assignment, God is going to be redefining all of the former into a latter house, a latter Church, that Jesus can use to obtain His glory and power to do this work. It’s going to be glorious and you are seeing bits and pieces, kind of like asteroids hitting down in pockets of places. Some are beginning to travel. Some are going. Some have been going as they grabbed it quick. Are you sensing something different?

If you are not, pray, cry out, and reach others where it is happening.

God wants you to make this discovery NOW because as all the earth reconvenes into this new, into this shift of the earth, all of it transforming, you have got to grab on. You have to take hold and see with your own eyes that God is on the move. Do not chase the moves. Chase God. Discernment is one of the keys God is going to bring to unlock many mysteries now. Many will come to the Lord through the levels of this.

I said yes. Have you? Have you said YES to receiving more than you ever imagined of God? You MUST be grounded though. You must be grounded in the WORD OF GOD now more than ever before. It’s going to hold you into place so that you won’t tip over with the might of the winds that will strike. It will keep you at peace and following your assignment. Not the assignment of anyone else. Follow your assignment. Some of you have been reaching- I am seeing reeds of long grass and some grabbing that. It doesn’t loosen. It’s not yours. Do not reach for what God is doing with another. See Him. Raise up your hands and praise the Lord God. Repent and get yourself right. He’s got much He has for you – just you. It doesn’t belong to another. He wants each of His children, His significant children, to be on their own journey. Millions and millions listening, experiencing His glory, just what He has for you.

Now, to the next. The GIFT.

So, when God set it down. It was all new to me. The revelation of a continent. God’s feet. The lower half of His garment. And then, He placed down a box.

I asked, “Where can I find this in Scripture, Lord?” I wanted to make sure what I was seeing was from God. I wanted to make sure it was Him showing me this.

And I heard, with that still small Voice, I heard, “The seals.”

Now, if you are a deeper, long term believer you immediately know what the seals are. They are in the book of Revelation that John wrote on the Isle of Patmos. At the end of the book, you discover a prophet from the other side, from heaven, was able to bring this Book to John. And there is a blessing on the one who reads it.

So, I opened the book of Revelation. I went to Revelation 5. That made sense. It was May. May 7. 2021. And I read that. The gift that God is setting down.

Look what is inside the passage of Revelation 5:12. Again, five the number of grace. But twelve, this is the number of God’s government. What is God’s government?


Revelation 5:12 Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive:

1) Power

2) And Riches

3) And Wisdom

4) And Strength

5) And Honour

6) And Glory

7) And blessing.

This is what is in the box, the gift that God is bringing NOW into the earth. So, get ready Saints. That is why you must be about:


Receiving what God has given – press into the highest places possible with the Lord – for God to deal with enemy authorities.

The body of Christ must operate with this approach and then, God will begin to pour out all of what Jesus is to receive as the seals are opened.

He chose you! He chose you to be alive to witness what will be. You must get ready Saints.

And I have one more piece to share with you. But take this in. This is big. THINK about what is in Jesus now. THINK about having all seven (number of completion) inside of grace (5) with God’s government (12). It’s all right here!

So, next week, I am sure you will be ready for what else the Lord is going to unpack. It is where it starts. That’s what He showed me! The first location where He will first set down His gift. And two more gifts in more locations!

Blessings, Dana Peters-Colley

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