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The Lord is Turning It

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

8/9/2022. Dana Peters-Colley

I heard the small Voice. Can you discern it when it comes to you? For me, it’s intentionally tuned down. It’s almost as though someone has gone from a ten to a three in volume. It’s usually only a phrase. A short sentence.

Today, I heard. “I’m turning it.”

That’s what He said.

In light of the U.S. and our President being attacked by the FBI raid of his house. That was yesterday.

Today the Lord says He is turning it.

  • Now, I’m hearing the Lord. “When you see the enemy rage as he has, thinking he can have My land, you will see treachery revealed as never before. The hour. It’s grand. You will see disaster spike because I’m getting My Saints ready to take back the land with their decrees and cries. Cry O Israel in the House of the Lord. New land. New territories arise. In the sea many will flee. I saw new land bubbling up, being created. But this strategy of the land and the enemy will fail. It will unite a people. Israel will stand. America will be made a resilient and strong body. My gain says the Lord is when My people stand, grow and become a force of might in the earth. They do not waver. They march. They withstand evil and corruption and bring it down.

  • Two houses. Two groups. Two peoples. Just as two twisted in Rebekah’s womb so do two grip and fight for the promise that is America. One - only one - has the promise of God in her yield. The other will destroy and fly into the rage I have brought upon all the sin that must be washed in the land. America you must be cleansed. There is no other hour as now. Do not back down. Do not waver. You must cleanse and wash the blood from your loins. You must repent and do not hold back on your deceit, your wicked abominations, and your despair.

  • Three, no four hours until the dawn of My rage is complete upon you. You will see a new light, a new morning if you persevere now, repent, and stand in the gap for your brothers who have failed.

  • Love not the wickedness but love the repentant ones. They will yield the harvest. They will return to the former. I the Lord do this thing because America needs a cleansing. She needs her sins repented for. She needs a new angelic threshold to attain. This is the turn. I take away all her dainties. I bring her virtue to be dependent upon Me again says the Lord. The just must rise up now. The clever and deceitful will fall into wicked traps. Watch as I do this and the evil house will crumble. The righteous will bleed and assemble. There will be martyrs and warriors. I’m bringing them. But look who deceives. They will be struck like savages with the power I the Lord am now going to descend with.

  • Arise O America. Arise O Nation of light. Get ready. The upheaval will be massive. Now go.

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