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Hi. Remember, these are the words I received from the Lord on 5/7/2021. We have unpacked three things for you to do. Hopefully, you have been thinking about them.

The next one I am going to share is where God moved me into visions. He often does this. He began where I saw the continent. Then, it moved out to the world where I saw God’s feet step onto a continent. He was talking the whole time and I was taking down what He was sharing with me. I was writing pretty fast, trying to get down the words.

He opened my eyes to a revelation about the feet. In Scripture, we are told to put on the Gospel of peace. These are the shoes we are to wear. I received the revelation that when God’s feet hit the earth, when He walks it, it comes with peace. That is what He brings. It’s the peace that passes understanding. So, God will enter with glory, which is so much presence it takes over. But His feet bring the necessary peace the earth needs. God was stepping into the earth and that is what I saw.

To unpack this – when God comes – when He brings His feet to the earth, you will enter into a rest you have never felt before. This advancement of His authority to bring you into a place He has created for you to live, it will feel like nothing you have ever encountered. You will begin to see the shift into His Kingdom come. On earth as it is in Heaven. That peace will sway every particle in your sphere. You will go and peace will surround your activity. People will sense this peace all over you. That is what God’s step into the earth, and onto a continent will bring. Watch. It’s going to be miraculous when it comes.

The second thing He showed me was a box or some other object that He set down. It was a gift. It came down as He, the Lord, set it onto the earth. If you can imagine a continent feeling like it was the size of a rug in your living room, and God’s feet were as big as a man on that rug. Then, the box was about the size of a side table. It was a big gift He was setting down on a continent. I only saw his feet and the hem of His garment, the bottom portion of it I saw, and this box that He set down.

He is bringing this to each continent because He expanded that He is bringing it, has a gift He will set down in each place He sets His feet.

Please remember all of this is a parable. All of this is a metaphor for how God is doing what He is doing. Please understand what I am conveying to you. Do not try to be completely literal here. Be spiritual.

Back to this, He set down a box. So, His feet carry great peace and enormous presence when He brings it. You will see nations scatter and nations come into their birth. There are going to be some enormous shifts now. Do you see? There will be nations that scatter. They will be destroyed. And there will be nations form. It’s all part of God’s plan. This is what He is now doing in the earth. This distribution, this realignment is going to shift all things. It will be as big as when I (the Lord) confused the languages at the tower of Babel. They were confused and had to shift out into all the earth. That was when the Americas were discovered. They were sent to far reaches, far places, all people were shifted then. Now, it will be different but the changes that are happening are like that. This is why Latin America is arriving into the United States. They will go up, too. They will expand and a redistribution of wealth will also occur.

You nailed it when you saw the Hispanic population replacing the American population because of the abortions. It matched. I (the Lord) gave them the promise but now, the increase is sweltering. They don’t know why they are coming. They are being urged by My plan. The Americas will be replaced with a new thing that I the Lord do. And it’s going to increase in the days ahead. Ones that abide in Me, the Lord, they will see increase as never before. But the ones that fight this move, this shift, this change in their flesh, they will be replaced. It is all chaotic. Suddenly chaotic. This change in the earth has never happened like this and many more will be replaced in order to accomplish what I set out. This redistribution will be more than any society, any group, any world, any man has ever before seen or accomplished. That is what this decade is going to discover. The world will look completely different in the coming years. This decade is bringing the upheaval necessary to accomplish what I the Lord bring. It descends. It comes down.

(I apologize. I am getting revelation as we speak about what is happening. So, I listen and take notes).

Back to the teaching, the feet bring peace and order. The box is a gift. One will be set down, then, God will move to another continent or area and place another one.

What is in the box, I will share with you in my next blog. Be ready to receive this revelation. And pray about the previous blogs with what I shared with you.

Revelation – Ascension – Condemnation


God’s feet and the box He sets down.

There is more…

Be Blessed,

Dana Peters-Colley

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